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My books are perfect for Book Clubs. They deal with social-moral issues and offer a peek into a side of Indian culture that has rarely been dealt with in fiction books. Although arranged marriage and women's issues are often discussed in Indian fiction, the darker side of dowry, gender-based abortions, domestic violence, and their effects on certain women in India and the country as a whole are barely skimmed.

Dowry and female feticide-infanticide are not highly prevalent despite my having used the themes in my tales. In fact, both practices are non-existent in certain communities in India. Dowry is frequently given voluntarily by a bride's parents as a gift to the newly-weds, and it is appreciated and graciously accepted by the groom and his family as a special blessing. Similarly, girls are cherished as much as boys in forward-thinking families, and given as much care, education, and encouragement as the boys. However, there are folks who engage in both customs to the point of misuse and even abuse.

In my books, I try to weave social themes into stories of romance, intrigue, drama, and high emotion. My aim is to educate, inform, and entertain readers who may not ordinarily have an opportunity to learn about women's issues in India and other similar cultures.

I enjoy addressing groups, both small and large and talk about my writing, my Indian culture, and what led me to write fiction. I will be happy to appear in person by appointment at Book Clubs and any other interested groups in the Metro-Phoenix, AZ area. For other parts of the U.S., Canada or the world, I am available to speak with your group through Skype or telephone.

I do not charge any speaker's fee for my appearances.

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