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Winners of July 2012 Book Lauch contest

THE RELUCTANT MATCHMAKER book launch prize drawing was a big success. More than 500 readers signed up for the drawing. The winning names were drawn at random, and the autographed copies of the book have been mailed to them..

Contest winner-Lynn Moyses, July 12 Congratulations to the lucky winners ....

DeeAnn Szymanski, PA
Judith DeGeneffe, MO
Lynn Moyses, CA
Susan Gilligan, PA
Debbie Lord, GA

Lynn Moyses kindly sent a picture of herself with her winning copy of THE RELUCTANT MATCHMAKER. Her message says "I really enjoyed THE RELUCTANT MATCHMAKER."
Thanks for the message and a nice picture, Lynn!


Winners of August 2011 Book Lauch contest

THE FULL MOON BRIDE book launch prize drawing was a big success.

Winner of the Grand Prize - Jewelry set is:
Shana Skaletsky, NY

Autographed copies of THE FULL MOON BRIDE have been won by;
Christy Richmond, MI
Dana Wong, TX
Alana Weaver, WY
Laura Scott, MI
Shalaena Bittick, OR

Congratulations to the lucky winners ....