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What Reviewers are saying about "The Dowry Bride"

THE DOWRY BRIDE is Shobhan Bantwal's first novel, and it's an incredible beginning. . . Both the brighter and darker sides of India leap off the pages of this excellent, beautifully composed story.  For a very exciting, enlightening, and entertaining way to start your autumn reading,

do not miss THE DOWRY BRIDE. It's a real page turner!

~~~~  RomanceReviewsToday (Jani Brooks)


THE DOWRY BRIDE is an insightful look at India's culture . . .  The story line is incredible . . .  a powerful discerning look at relationships . . . a fabulous look at the importance of a dowry in India in spite of laws protecting the rights (and apparently the life) of a bride.

~~~~  Harriet Klausner (Amazon's Top Reviewer)


This is one story that is a great read for any time of the year and one that should be read and shared.

~~~~  Coffee Time Romance (Liadan Brodie)


It’s a beautifully written book that explores the morbid side of humanity. . .  The Dowry Bride will make you cry, laugh, frown and most of all think . . .  Bantwal takes a brave look at an old topic and delivers a piece of work that may just make an impact. Wonderful, Vivid, and Worth Reading

~~~~ (Diana Rohini La Vigne)


The Dowry Bride is an amazing story of modern India... The Dowry Bride kept me up late, hoping for the best for Megha and the friend who hides her. . . I nominate The Dowry Bride as a Book Sense Pick.

~~~~  The Kaleidoscope – Our Focus is on You (Keri Holmes)


The Dowry Bride is an eye opener to the challenges many Indian women face in a culture few foreigners comprehend.

~~~~ (Diane A Brown)


Shobhan Bantwal has written a passionate, suspense-filled story of one woman and her fight to survive another's evil greed and jealousy. The Dowry Bride is a fascinating look into an exotic culture and a story that I recommended to everyone.

~~~~ (Anita)


Bantwal tells an engaging story about Indian culture. . .  The mother-in-law character is particularly well-drawn. 

~~~~  Romantic Times (Lauren Spielberg)


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