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What Reviewers are saying about "THE SARI SHOP WIDOW"

"I gladly recommend THE SARI SHOP WIDOW, an endearing story of romance between two people from different cultures who regain their faith in the possibility of lifelong love."

~~~~  Fresh Fiction


"Shobhan Bantwal paints a vivid picture of life in Little India with her colorful descriptions of traditions, clothing, cuisine and characters who will worm their way into your heart."

~~~~  Book Reporter


"Delightful through and through! THE SARI SHOP WIDOW is a wonderful, wonderful work of fiction that will add a new perspective and inner joy to a reader's heart."

~~~~  Book Illuminations


"I found it to be extremely fascinating . . . Shobhan Bantwal's writing style is smoother than Chai tea and her story is just as refreshing!"

~~~~  Huntress Reviews


"This is a super ethnic family drama from an author who consistently provides readers with great profound novels . . . Shobhan Bantwal's enjoyable novels are incredibly entertaining but also enlightening as the reader sips masala chai."

~~~~  Harriet Klausner


"THE SARI SHOP WIDOW is a highly entertaining and informative novel . . . You are even sorry that it ends.

~~~~  Book Pleasures